Symons Valley Operations

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Colpitts Ranches at Symons Valley

James Colpitts purchased the Symons Valley ranche in 1923 just two years after he acquired the Springbank property. Here the fields were larger but water was less plentiful. In short order a herd of registered Holsteins was assembled to add to the supply of milk for the Model Dairies processing plant in Calgary.

Fifty years later the dairy operations were relocated to Springbank and the Symons Valley location was reorganized as a crop and beef operation. Registered Hereford cattle grazed the native pastures and cereal crops were produced on the "big sky" fields.

Current field crop production is primarily barley with rotations of canola and grass forage. The pasture land is leased so that our management efforts can focus on ancillary operations including:

  • Tree Sales and Arboriculture - Our tree and shrub nursery operates as Starburn Horticulture. In the winter months our Certified Arborist offers corrective tree services and outdoor property management in the Calgary area.
  • Ornamental Ironwork - Under the guidance of Mike Nieckar, Starburn Ironworks constructs custom ironwork projects including estate gates and blacksmith art.
  • Horse Boarding - Tom Hawkes manages our contract horse accommodations.